MR Riadh SAAFI: Founder of the company HRS TUNISIE

   It is with deep pride and great respect that we honor RIADH SAAFI, the founder of our company, who realized his dream and built a company based on the principles of family values ​​and trust.

   Born on October 10, 1969, RIADH was a husband, a father, a stepfather, a grand- devoted father, brother and brother-in-law and he was very proud of all his family, as well as his colleagues and friends.

   A true man of integrity and honour, deeply respected and admired. With an infectious smile and genuine warmth, RIADH was a figure father and a mentor to so many people.

   Its influence lives on and we maintain its strong values ​​of integrity, dignity and the importance of handshake.

   RIADH, who we miss a lot, left us a legacy of humility, resourcefulness, perseverance and appreciation for a life well lived.

« I'm not doing this for the money but to leave an imprint… »

The Team