Enhancing and expanding Trustlink’s value proposition with HRS STP solution

HRS/ November 16, 2020/ News, Testimonial

Trustlink provides innovative solutions and services that enable financial institutions, central banks and prestigious corporate enterprises to enhance information exchange and business process integration beyond the borders of the enterprise. The company is based in South Africa and has an established customer base of over 150 that spans 20 countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

Trustlink enables the secure and reliable exchange of information, including payment instructions, corporate and customer information and operational data. The solution set extends beyond the mere exchange of information; it also enables the integration of business processes with those of the trading partners, suppliers, customers and service providers. The company offers services and solutions for:

  • Payment & securities transaction facilitation
  • Payment and liquidity management
  • Straight through processing (STP)
  • Intra- and inter company data transfer
  • Compliance

Mandatory compliancy

Trustlink implemented the HRS STP Solution in 2020: “We identified that the HRS STP solution would further enhance and expand our value proposition to our customer base,” Louise Jansen, Manager SWIFT business unit at Trustlink, explains. “Features like monitoring, alerting and archiving are expanding the Trustlink offering to our customer base. And more to that, the HRS solution consist of two modules for SWIFT Universal Confirmations, which is mandatory from November 2020. We were very glad that we are now able to comply. Thanks to the professional and interactive partnership we have with the skilled and passionate team of eVision”.

Enabling Full STP

With the assistance from eVision, Trustlink was able to implement HRS as a hosted service. Thereby providing their customers more functionality and tools that enable full STP. Trustlink now has an extended value proposition to take to market and support the customer base.


“We’re especially pleased with the way eVision provided support to all the teams within Trustlink to make this partnership success for all,” Jansen explains. “I would recommend HRS solutions to companies that, like us, require fully automated and integrated solutions to help their customers florish.”

With the HRS solutions, Trustlink is now able to expand market share and enhance revenue. 

Louise Jansen – Manager SWIFT business unit – Trustlink