GPI monitoring module :

Real-time monitoring of incoming and outgoing SWIFT messages.
Generate an automatic status on the SWIFT tracker Using the GPI GENERATION module, banks will be able to generate automatically the UETR value in field 121 via the web service.


GPI Monitor :  
1. Display All Banks with initiation date.
2. Display cover for all GPI transactions.
3. Display duration for all transactions steps.


GPI Generator:  
1. Generate MT 199 For tracker.
2. Generate MT 103 or MT 103 STP for other banks when a bank is intermediary.
3. Generate MT 199 with status ACSP/G004 for waiting cover.
4. Generate MT 199 with status ACSP/G002 at end of time.
5. Generate MT 199 with status ACSP/G003 at end of time.
6. Generate MT 199 with status ACSC for settled transactions after receiving confirmation files.


Search & Archive

SWIFT messages are archived automatically in live mode, allowing users to search, display and export

Regulatory reports

Report on the full history of any SWIFT transaction, enabling the generation of sound statistical analytics

GPI Monitoring & Generation

Real time connect with SWIFTgpi via API; generate status messages and become a communication hub for a bank’s back office (GCCT/GCOV/GSRP status ready)

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