"SWIFT SMART REPORT" is a future-ready software solution that allows banks to directly process their SWIFT transactions.

This multi-module platform processes and reports on the various events that occur during the settlement of a financial transaction, providing real-time updates within the central bank system in a completely secure and transparent space.

"SWIFT SMART REPORT" is the next generation of "SWIFT GPI" compatible software It has been implemented with global banks and major service bureaus.


Message follow-up: Research and archiving, Regulatory reports and Internal and external notification.

Operation and management of messages: Calculation of correspondent fees, Automatic correspondence of messages and Management of declarations.

Message GPI Compliance: Monitoring and Generation of GPI, Transaction Recording and Mapping and Routing of Messages.

Search & Archive

SWIFT messages are archived automatically in live mode, allowing users to search, display and export

Regulatory reports

Report on the full history of any SWIFT transaction, enabling the generation of sound statistical analytics

GPI Monitoring & Generation

Real time connect with SWIFTgpi via API; generate status messages and become a communication hub for a bank’s back office (GCCT/GCOV/GSRP status ready)

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